Welcome to Muncie Baptist Church

Serving Christ since 1852   



2018 Board Members and leaders

Pastor:  Dave Garver:   RevDG3@sbcglobal.net, 217-446-0995 (Home Phone)

Youth Pastor:  Josh Hunsberger    

Church Moderator:   Jeff Ford

Board of Deacons:
Darin Troglia, Darren Wells,  Jeff Ford,   Dale Miller (chair) and  Sam Nale

Board of Trustees:

 Jerry Harper, David Young, Larry Sperry, Chip McArty, Bill Wilder

Board of Deaconesses:

Mala Cadman, Sarah Hunsberger,  Penny Sands,  Connie Young, Pat McGlaughlin, Sara Seimer

Board of Missions:

 Carla Wells,  Wilma Hannah, Wendy Wilder, Jane Harper, Sarah Hunsberger

Board of Christian Education:

 Karen Troglia, Carolyn Grant,  Terry Miller,  Carol Garver, Shannan Ford

Pastoral Relations

Dallas Grant, Jeff Ford, Jerry Harper, Dale Miller